• Annual “In Office” OSHA Training
• Quarterly Compliance Review
• Offsite Backup Record Keeping
• Regulated Waste Management
• Toll Free EPA/OSHA Consultation
• Low Annual Cost/No Contract

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HCS is recognized as the leader in Healthcare Waste Management and OSHA Compliance Training due to our 30 years experience with EPA and OSHA regulations, offering consultation services and waste management for State Dental Associations, Healthcare Providers, Hospitals, Government Agencies, Educational Institutions and even our competition.

HCS was the first to create an all inclusive mailback service program specific for the Healthcare Industry providing a menu of EPA approved waste recycling services, EPA/OSHA consultation, and OSHA training materials. Our services provide you peace of mind because we are the experts when it comes to your waste management and OSHA training.

At HCS your needs are our concern. HCS has hosted nationwide seminars for healthcare professionals training them on how to operate their business regarding EPA/OSHA regulations and have published over 40 EPA/OSHA training manuals. HCS has co-authored Best Management Practice Guidelines Manuals for State Dental Associations and have been consultants regarding EPA and OSHA state regulations specific to Dental Associations and Healthcare Providers nationwide.

Our goal at HCS is to provide you one stop shopping ensuring EPA and OSHA compliance services with the latest in technology and regulatory information with the lowest pricing available in today’s market.

Specializing in: Lead and Lead Foil Recycling, Waste Amalgam Filter & Trap Recycling, Sharps & Medical Waste Mail-Back, OSHA Compliance , PhotoChemical Filtration, Amalgam Filtration Units, & Waste Battery Recycling.

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