EPA Regulations

HCS provides practices with products that maintain EPA Compliance.

Components of Waste Management Compliance

The EPA is one of the major federal regulatory agencies affecting the healthcare industry today with their main concern around pollution control and the management of regulated waste.

According to EPA regulations, any business that generates regulated waste has a “cradle to grave” responsibility, meaning the business is liable for this waste from creation to recycle or disposal. Generation, storage and disposal of regulated wastes are regulated under EPA’s Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Examples of regulated waste requiring proper disposal include photo-chemical liquid waste, lead foil scrap, amalgam scrap, traps, filters, and some sterilants. These wastes under RCRA regulation must be identified and recycled at state-licensed facilities. Paper-trail recording of the waste disposal is imperative in keeping with the “cradle to grave” responsibility.

When choosing a company to provide regulated waste management services, it is important to ask the companies the following questions:

1. Is the waste transport vehicle properly licensed?
2. Is the waste processing plant properly permitted?
3. Does the service company offer assurance and indemnification while your waste is in its control?
4. Does the service company provide properly completed waste manifests and other documentation of disposal?

Make HCS your service provider to ensure all compliance needs are met through one source. HCS provides the latest regulatory information available from both federal and state agencies offering our customers expert advice pertaining to their specific business.

With over 24 years experience with EPA regulations, HCS can offer the best consultation services available nationwide. Services are tailored to our customers request and application. For more detailed information contact us at 888-726-8505.