ADA Best Management Practices

Amalgam Separators, Waste Handling & Disposal

The EPA “Dental Rule” went into effect on July 14, 2017. The rule focuses on the proper handling of amalgam waste for the dental practice along with the adoption of the ADA’s Best Management Practices (BMPs), as listed here:

  • ISO 11143:2008 certified amalgam separator with a 95% or greater rate of separation.
  • Dentist must recycle all mercury and stop using liquid mercury.
  • All dental chairs must be equipped with chairside traps and traps must be recycled.
  • All central wet/dry vacuum traps must be recycled.
  • All contact and non-contact amalgam, including teeth with amalgam, chair-side traps, vacuum filters and spent amalgam capsules, should be disposed of in a bucket labeled “Amalgam Recycling”.
  • Use only non-chlorine or non-oxidizing disinfectants and neutral vacuum line cleaners with a pH > 6 and < 8.
  • Amalgam separator records showing name and address of disposal company, plus maintenance and service completed, must be kept for at least three years.
  • A malfunctioning amalgam separator must be repaired or replaced no later than ten days after the malfunction is discovered.

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