Welcome to Healthcare Compliance Services

With over 30 years of experience, HCS is the recognized leader in healthcare waste management. HCS offers consulting on waste management for state dental associations, healthcare providers, hospitals, government agencies, educational institutions and even our competition. For years, HCS has been hosting EPA regulation seminars nationwide to healthcare professionals on how to operate their businesses in light of current EPA regulations.

HCS is also the preferred supplier of the entire product line of Solmetex waste disposal goods and services, at the lowest price. HCS pioneered the first all inclusive mail-back service program specific for the healthcare industry and continues to specialize in the following EPA approved waste recycling services:

• Lead and lead foil recycling
• Waste amalgam filter & trap recycling
• Amalgam filtration units
• Sharps & medical waste mail-back
• Photo-chemical filtration
• Waste battery recycling

Our services provide you peace of mind because we are the experts when it comes to your management of dental waste. It is our goal to provide you a one-stop shop for EPA compliance services with the latest in technology and regulatory information at the lowest pricing available in today’s market.